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Bruno Manser

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I have been dealing with the topic of becoming and being a man since 1994. Since 2007 I have been professionally involved in this field. On the one hand, because as a teacher I soon realised that I was more interested in personal development and group processes than in teaching school subjects. On the other hand, because I know from my own experience that we men can improve our quality of life enormously if we deal with our issues. This is particularly true when it comes to relationships and sexuality. I have been together with my wife since 2005 and have been the father of a son since 2007.

My further path led me from the classroom to experiential education, through which I learnt to use nature as a learning field and resource in group processes. It led me to Josef Riederle's Kampfesspiele® method, with its focus on self-assertion, respect for one's own limits and the limits of the other person, while being in contact with all of one's strength. This method still forms the basis of my crisis intervention and prevention work in schools today.


My desire to have tools for individual settings led me to the Phaemomethod® according to Joachim Lempert, with its focus on the here and now, the focus on the power and vitality that lies in consciously dealing with feelings, and the focus on taking responsibility for our actions, which is fundamental for the growth of our maturity. The Phaemomethod® still forms the basis for my work in individual and couple counselling, especially when it comes to conflicts or violence.


With the advanced training "Sexual Relationship Issues" with Notburga and Robert Fischer at the IBP Institute, I opened up the possibility of professional work in the area of sexuality and relationships in individual and couples counselling. This method is based on the maturity stages of Sexual Grounding Therapy® (SGT®), with its focus on nurturing through a specialised type of constellation work. Through several years of assisting Notburga and Robert Fischer, I also acquired my knowledge for working with groups in this field. In the international SGT® Therapist Training under the direction of Helena Løvendal and Notburga Fischer, I was able to deepen this knowledge even further and acquire the title "Practitioner of applied Sexual Grounding Therapy®.

Since 2014, I have also been working increasingly with women, couples and mixed-gender groups

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2023 - 2026​

  • Training as Integrative Coach at the Integrative Bodypsychotherapy Institute (IBP) in Winterthur.

2023 - 2024

  • SGT® Therapist Training resulting in the qualification "Practitioner of applied Sexual Grounding Therapy®", with Helena Løvendal and Notburga Fischer, conducted by the Foundation of Sexual Grounding Therapy (NL)

2018 - 2020

  • Further training "Sexual Relationship Issues in Therapy and Counselling" with Robert and Notburga Fischer, conducted by the IBP Institute (Winterthur)


2002- 2017

  • 2014-2017 further training as a Phaemotherapist with a focus on offender therapy at the Institut Lempert (A)

  • Since 2014 counsellor/therapist at KONFLIKT.GEWALT.

  • 2010-2013 Training in Violence Counselling® / Violence Education® (GHM®) at the Institut Lempert (A)

  • 2013 training as a self-assertion trainer with Josef Riederle at the Kraftprotz Institute

  • Since 2012 trainer under the label Respect! Selbstbehauptung

  • 2011 SVEB - certificate for adult education

  • Since 2007 working freelance with boys and men

  • 2007-08 training as a KampfESspiele® instructor with Josef Riederle at the Kraftprotz Institute

  • Since 2007 father of a son / part-time houseman

  • 2004-2005 Training as a grammar school and secondary school teacher

  • 2003-2004 Training as a trainer for experiential education outdoors

  • 2002 licentiate (master) in history and English

The “Fathers & Sons” seminar was very enriching for me and my father. Bruno convinces and inspires with his authentic and friendly manner.

Florian Hasler (Fathers&Sons)

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