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The basis of my work in counseling and therapy is the Phaemo-Method according to Joachim Lempert. "Phaemo" is a artificial word and means "phenomenological-emotional". It is a humanistic, resource-oriented approach that is entirely focused on the here and now, as well as on the power and liveliness that lies in consciously dealing with feelings. The central questions are: What is happening right now? What are you feelings right now?

Maturity stages

I use the maturity stage model of psychosexual development, taught by Notburga and Robert Fischer in their sex therapy training, to complement the Phaemo method. It is based on Sexual Grounding Therapy(R) (SGT), which was developed by Willem Popelliers. The maturity stage model focuses strongly on the potential that lies in an internalized supportive family system.


According to the maturity stage model, we go through different stages of maturity in life, each with its own issues and challenges. The maturity stage model helps to assign blockages in life to the respective maturity stage and helps to soften or even dissolve them.

My way of working

I support you in shaping your life in a meaningful and authentic way and expanding your scope for action. My focus is on your potential and your resources. I use the following approaches:

Integrative Coaching IBP

Depending on the topic, I use other helpful approaches and models from Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP), transactional analysis, Gestalt therapy, various communication models and family constellation.


KampfESspiele® according to Josef Riederle form the basis for interventions and prevention work in school classes. The term KampfESspiele® is made up of three words, representing the basic orientation behind it: Kampf/fight (fairness, strength is ok, awareness), ES/it (respect, rituals, maturity), Spiele/games (joy, togetherness, voluntariness). It's about self-assertion, recognizing and respecting your own boundaries and the boundaries of others.

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